Can LeBron ever catch MJ’s ghost?

Here we go again.
Just a month-and-a-half after the man gets immortalized in basketball glory; just weeks after he had the led the greatest comeback in NBA Finals history; just a few dozen days after he won one for the ‘Land, we’re back on this conversation.

We all admitted it, LeBron. You did something most of the NBA greats could never do: you led a decent team to a championship over the greatest regular-season team of all time.

So, why do you have to do this?

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, James said that his motivation “is the
ghost [he’s] chasing. The ghost played in Chicago.”

So, yes, LeBron has forced us to all have this conversation again, but this time it will go a little differently.

He finally did win one in Cleveland- a city that almost became synonymous with losing. He did play big when his team needed him most: two 41-point games and a triple-double in back-to-back-t0-back elimination games. And, he was clutch- chasing down Andre Iguodala and knocking down his free throws late in Game 7.

Is this all enough, though? At this point, no one can really answer that.

How do you quantify pure effort over actual accolades? Is beating the 73-win team in the Finals better than being the 72-win team and winning the Finals? How much is four total MVPs with two different teams worth compared to five with the same team? Is never losing in the first round even worth something at all- because it should be.

In the end, we know it all comes down to rings. So until James actually has a hand and a thumb covered in rings, we can have a serious debate.

Audio: Dylan Gwinn weighs in on LeBron chasing MJ.


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