Most Creative Walk-On Scholarship Surprises; Add Michigan Basketball To The List


One of the best things out there is when a walk-on player receives a scholarship. You know that those players have put in the time and work. It is easy to see the emotion pour out of the player when he becomes fully aware that he will be put on scholarship with the school. Sometimes it will be just the players and coaches, and sometimes they get other people involved. Michigan basketball may have just taken it to the next level with their scholarship to Andrew Dakich. In the spirit of this recent scholarship award, we wanted to put together a list of some great scholarship surprises in college sports. You will definitely want to get to #1 on the bottom, a great scholarship surprise. First, however, here is the Michigan basketball team surprising Dakich during a team meeting:

5. Notre Dame Senior Walk-On Josh Anderson “Modeling”

4. Western Michigan Walk-On Trevor Sweeney “Onside Kick”

3. Duke Walk-On Danny Doyle “The Phone Call”

2. Western Michigan Walk-On Kasey Carson “The Hidden Coach”

1. Hawaii Walk-On Brodie Nakama “The High Dive”


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