From the Owner: An open letter to our listeners

Thank you for joining us at SB Nation Radio.  

What you will find here is the product of a new, exciting relationship between Gow Media and SB Nation.

In a landscape of older brands, SB Nation Radio will stand apart.  We will be younger, faster-paced and more digitally savvy. And, we will tap into the strong and deep pool of SB Nation writers to provide industry-leading content.

Through our collaboration, our content will reach over 90 million people each month via SB Nation’s over-300 digital properties and Gow’s network of over 500 radio station affiliates, mobile and other digital platforms.

SB Nation Radio is a formidable force in the sports media landscape.

We are excited to launch and hope you enjoy SB Nation Radio!
David Gow
CEO Gow Media/SB Nation Radio

Audio: Editorial Director of SB Nation, Spencer Hall, joins Czabe to talk SB Nations partnership with Gow Media.


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