Here’s everything you need to know about ‘NBA 2K18’

This game looks and sounds INCREDIBLE!

NBA 2K18 is set to release on Sept. 19, and over the past few weeks we’ve learned one thing: This game looks sick! With MUCH-improved graphics, new game features, and a stacked music playlist, this game should look and feel as similar to the real NBA as ever. We’ll get to see a glimpse of it soon enough too, as 2K has announced that the Prelude to the game will be released on Sept. 8. We’re scarce on details about the Prelude so far, but it will be different from what was offered in 2K17.

Community manager Ronnie2K along with the game’s developers have been releasing new information about the game every day, and in this space we will keep track of everything we know about the game.

The cover athletes

Two editions of the game will feature Kyrie Irving (on whatever team he might be on by then) in the American version. If Irving is traded, he would just continue the 2K curse! DeMar DeRozan is featured on the Canadian version, and Shaquille O’Neal will be on the special edition covers.

Kyrie on the new 2K cover just in time for the Finals. or ?

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DeMar DeRozan is the first-ever NBA2k Canadian cover! : @nba2k

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NBA 2k18’s playlist is FIRE and includes two songs by Damian Lillard

2K already released the 48-song playlist on Spotify:

Peep the songs by Dame D.O.L.L.A.

The graphics looks INCREDIBLE

NBA 2K18 looks (Original Image Steve_OS, Twitter)

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Looks like 2K Gordon Hayward has been doing some lifting this offseason. Check out more NBA 2K17 and 2K18 graphics comparisons here.

There will be a story-driven general manager mode

The 2018 NBA 2K installment’s biggest new feature will be its story-based franchise mode called “MyGM: The Next Chapter,” according to senior producer Erick Boenisch.

In this game mode, you’ll play as a former player who suffered a career-ending injury six years prior. Now you’re at the helm of an NBA franchise. Think what My Career was for 2K17 playing alongside Michael B. Jordan, but this time you aren’t on the court, you’re in a suit.

A picture of Joel Embiid complaining to the GM was shown on Boenisch’s Facebook page, but the producer was otherwise vague about what this mode’s full feature will entail.

Erick Boenisch / Facebook

GM mode will be as close to the real thing as ever

With the focus of this game clearly honing into fan’s interest in the NBA offseason and the intricacies of financially building and maintaining a dynasty, the 2017 Collective Bargaining Agreement will be featured. That means the new supermax contract, which Steph Curry and James Harden signed this offseason, will be included in the game. Other additions will include the new player maximum and minimum salaries, updated player exception amounts and rookie scale contracts, the stretch provision and more. You’ll feel like you’re running a real team.

Also new to the game will be G-League integration, which gives you the option of sending your player down to develop. That’s key for any GM to properly develop a young talent. Those games aren’t user-playable though.

Adding to the authenticity of playing the role of a real GM, two-way contracts, a new way teams are able to sign players for the G-League and NBA (which we explain here), will also be available.

Free agency and NBA draft enhancements

There will be a free-agent moratorium period for the first time in 2K18, meaning you will have three days to recruit a player to verbally agree before he can actually sign. The deals will be binding in the game though, so don’t worry about getting DeAndre Jordan-ed.

During the NBA draft, players will now be able to stash international projects overseas for the first time. Also, you will finally be able to trade players who were just drafted on draft night. That’s huge and was a glaring problem in previous editions.

Adding to the improvement in the financial aspects of the game, players will be able to renounce cap holds, so get Larry Coon’s CBAFAQ added to your bookmarks right now. You’ll have to study up to maximize your cap space and Woj won’t be here to help you.

Some other quick hits

  • You can adjust how frequently a player wears certain accessories.
  • There will be My League improvements.
  • New offseason tab will feature a formal announcement for All-Star Game host city.
  • You can bookmark your favorite 2K online creators.
  • There’s a jump shot creator.
  • There’s a mode to practice plays.
  • New relocation cities, including Tucson, Virginia Beach, Raleigh, El Paso, and Long Beach.

You can read the full post on feature improvements here.

And now for the real important part…

RATINGS! (sorted highest to lowest)

These will be updated as they are announced by 2K.

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