Isiah Thomas snubs both Harden and Westbrook for MVP

Photo credit: John Angelillo/UPI

Isiah Thomas shared his thoughts on the current NBA playoffs when he spent a few minutes with The Sean Salisbury Show

On David Fizdale

Salisbury starts by asking Isiah about Grizzlies coach David Fizdale’s post-game rant in which he called the work of veteran ref crew Danny Crawford, Rodney Mott and Bill Spooner “unprofessional” and “unacceptable.” Thomas danced around the question, saying he really couldn’t speak on it because, as a coach, you see things differently when you look at film versus watching from a fan’s perspective, as he did.

On the Celtics-Bulls series

When asked if the Celtics are the most overrated #1 seed ever in the NBA playoffs, Isiah disagreed and said that he would call them the most “inexperienced” #1 seed. The Cinderella-esque Celtics have faced an uphill battle against the 8-seeded Bulls with star PG Isaiah Thomas still reeling from the tragic loss of his sister. Thomas feels that maybe a “more seasoned, veteran, gritty playoff team” might be able to overcome something this, but feels that the Celtics may be too young and inexperience for this stage and circumstance.

If Cleveland will make a third straight Finals

Isiah isn’t just taking for granted another trip for Cleveland to the Finals. He feels that no matter what team the Cavs face in the second round, whether it’s Toronto or Milwaukee, Lebron and company will “have their hands full.”

Who is the MVP?

When asked who his MVP is, “Zeke” says his vote goes to Kawhi Leonard.

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