Montee Ball opens up about his alcohol addiction and how his life is getting back on track

Ron Chenoy- USA Today Sports

Former Denver Broncos running back Montee Ball was very open about his fall from grace when he joined the Sean Salisbury Show.  Montee started by telling Sean he is currently focusing on family and getting his life back on track.  He explained that his problem with alcohol started in his latter years in college when he attended Wisconsin, but really manifested itself when he was in the NFL and wasn’t performing up to expectations. Montee confessed that his “rock bottom” was when he watched the Broncos, the team that had just drafted and then later released him, win Super Bowl 50 while he was sitting in a jail cell.

On Getting Help

Montee Ball said that his mother really pushed him get on the path the getting help with his addiction due to the fact that his father had also struggled with this addiction. He admitted that at the time he was very upset with his mother at the time she checked him into the IOP (intensive outpatient care). Ball also credited the birth of his son, last April, to giving him a purpose to wanting to get a hold of his addiction. Montee Ball says he is really dedicated to getting his life back on track by going back to school to finish his degree and has been sober 273 days.

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