Could Ronda Rousey be the next Brock Lesnar?


After a disastrous performance at UFC 207, the future of Ronda Rousey is up in the air.

Prior to the fight, I wrote about how Rousey would be an interesting addition to the WWE, who has reportedly had interest in bringing her in again.

Many credible, experienced people in the business of professional wrestling, like Jonathan Coachman, have expressed their disinterest in the idea of Rousey in the WWE. After suffering such an embarrassing loss, it is not hard to believe that she has lost value to those interested in the prospect of Ronda as a wrestler.

Eric Bischoff, who has now been stressing the point for a while now, once again explained why he believes there is no place for Rousey in the WWE anymore:

“I don’t see a roll for her in the WWE because the WWE is that one of those weird forms of entertainment. It’s not scripted, it’s not real sports. It’s that real, weird, gray area in between. It requires mystique. It requires that one special thing that allows the audience to drop their hands and believe the story. And because Ronda got beat as soundly as she did, twice in a row, I personally don’t think the WWE, even though they’re the best in the world at creating characters in their space, I don’t think they’re going to be able to overcome what Ronda experienced in her last two fights.”

I must admit, the matter in which Rousey was defeated by Nunes does drastically reiterate the idea that Rousey is far from being the intimidating monster that she was prior to her two losses. At the very least, it raises questions about whether or not her career in MMA is over. At this point, her high profile and top contendership has begun to fade in the UFC.

Vince McMahon has been successful for decades now thanks to his ability to build characters. Although it would not be as easy as it would have been if Rousey had not lost, she still has the validity of a star.

But how would McMahon and the WWE creative go about doing it? Her appearance at WrestleMania 31 was great for what it was. If Rousey was to sign, though, it should be expected for her to perform in the ring. Rousey is not properly trained to be a professional wrestler. Sure, that could be said about some of the women in the WWE. But, as of recently, the WWE has made more of a conscious effort to build a division around great talent.

Perhaps Rousey would get a few months of training before jumping into a WWE ring. It is safe to assume, though, that she would not take the same route as Matt Riddle and build herself to be a highly regarded wrestler.

Rousey is charismatic, but being able to shoot a promo is not easy. Her appearance at WrestleMania was, again, great because WWE protected her image. Pairing her with The Rock allowed her to, simply, just be a badass. As The Rock talked his mouth off, Rousey stood there with an intimidating look on her face.  To Nick Hausman, from the Bischoff on Wrestling Podcast, this feeling can be captured again if Rousey was to be paired off with another big “mouth piece”.

“If Heyman brought in Ronda Rousey and was her talking piece, and they tried to make her the Lesner of the women’s division, would that be successful? She’s like the female Brock. I think that would be amazing.”

It’s true, Rousey would not be the best in the ring, she may need help solidifying a wrestler character, but the fact of the matter is that this could be done with a talker like Paul Heyman on her side.  Rousey at her peak was a straight up badass who dominated anyone who stepped foot in the octagon with her in seconds. Having Heyman by her side as she squashes outside talent would be a sight to see. In a very Braun Strowman esque fashion, she could ascend to the top of the card by demolishing anyone who got in her way.

Yes, Rousey and Lesnar are far from being the same. Building her like a similar monster, though, may be the only way to get Rousey to be a top star in the WWE. As the WWE continues to establish their women’s division as equal to that of the men’s, acquiring someone as polarizing as Rousey could be great for the company.

The ball is now on Rousey’s court. The WWE has expressed interest in her on multiple occasions. If her MMA career is really over, then the WWE could provide Rousey with a unique opportunity to be a star on a different level.

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