Sean Payton: Saints Did Not Take Joe Mixon Off Their Draft Board

Photo: Dale Zanine, Via USA TODAY Sports 

Saints head coach, Sean Payton, joined the Sean Salisbury show and discussed his recent draft class and talked about the improvement the team made in regards to talent on defense. Sean also talked about the additions the team made at the running back position. Payton said they really think Adrian Peterson and rookie, Alvin Kamara, will make a big difference this year.

Sean also shared his thoughts on troubled rookie running back, Joe Mixon, and if the Saints would have considered drafting him if he was there in the third round. Mixon fell in the draft process due to character concerns surrounding his assault of a female when he was a freshman at Oklahoma, and was eventually drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in the second round. Payton stated that Mixon was not off of their draft board, but they were very excited to get Alvin Kamara in the third round. The Joe Mixon discussion occurs around the four minute mark in the podcast.

Drew Brees just keeps getting better

Finally, Coach Payton talked about the keys to Drew Brees performing at such a high level for so many seasons. He believes it’s Brees’ combination of natural talent and elite work ethic that has gotten him this far.

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