Stallworth continues to share his story as a caution to others

Alan Diaz / Associated Press via

It’s been an emotional and trying few years for Donte Stallworth since pleading guilty to DUI and manslaughter charges in 2009. In an interview with The Sean Salisbury ShowDonte admitted that his life is still a work-in-progress since those events, dealing with internal pain and guilt. Stallworth now finds himself compelled to caution other NFL players on the dangers of driving intoxicated. Donte warns them to be “cognizant of their decisions and to be aware of things they are doing on a daily basis.”

On Aaron Hernandez

When asked about the late Aaron Hernandez, Stallworth says he never saw signs of Hernandez being a troubled individual. While Donte admits the charges against Hernandez were reprehensible, he believes the public should have compassion for the loss of a human life and for his daughter, who will now grow up without her father. “Regardless of the circumstances, you can’t take away the human element. People will be affected on all sides,” says Stallworth. “I hurt for everyone that was affected through this whole tragedy.”

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