Texans voice frustrations after fans leave early in overtime win

Sunday Night Football was hard to watch.

The grind-it-out style of play, the lack of offense through three quarters, and the booing of the home team. Oh, was there a lot of booing going on- which made it that much harder to watch. Even when the Texans finally got their first touchdown in the third quarter off of a Lamar Miller run, Nick Novak goes and shanks the extra point, and the booing began once again. It wasn’t a good look.

With a little over seven minutes to go, the Colts booted in a field goal to put them up 23-9, and that’s when fans started filing out.

“Looking up in the stands and watching everyone leaving, I was like ‘man, don’t quit. There’s six minutes or something left on the clock. Let’s keep playing and see what happens,’” Jadeveon Clowney said.

Despite a lot of the crowd not being there to back their squad, the team was able to pull out the win in overtime, and Texans players were letting their fans have it after the game.

“It sucks, but it is what it is,” Vince Wilfork said. “At the end of the day we play for the guys that are in (the locker room) and the true fans. So, to look up in the fourth quarter and still have a shot in the game and see half of the stadium empty- it was surprising. I never encountered that before.”

For a lot of guys out there, they learned the same lesson that Wilfork learned: they have to play for themselves and the real fans who stick around.

“It doesn’t affect the way we play, it just shows us at the end of the day- outside the locker room- that nobody is really there for us but us,” WR Jaelen Strong said on SB Nation Radio. “Fans are going to be fans. You got the real fans out there and you got the crazy fans out there. You just appreciate all the love and try to go out there and work our hardest.”

Hear Strong’s entire post-game interview here:Their biggest offseason addition, Brock Osweiler, was struggling yet again and already had fans buzzing on social media to put in backup Tom Savage. But, Osweiler finally showed some serious fight after he completed two late-game touchdowns and a deep pass to Strong in overtime that set up the game-winning field goal.

Immediately after the game, Osweiler then stepped up as the vocal leader of the team- unafraid of rubbing fans the wrong way.

“Well, I just hope everybody hangs around for all four quarters next time ’cause I can promise you one thing: this teams never going to stop fighting,” Osweiler said to NBC’s sideline reporter.

Yup, that’s right. Osweiler just called out everyone who left on national TV. While it might have been a school night and people have work Monday morning, isn’t a late game or overtime something you prepare for? Realistically, to all the fans who left: would you have stayed for overtime if the game was competitive all 60 minutes?


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