Top 5 Staredowns In Sports History

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There is something about a staredown that gets everybody talking. Either you loved it or you hated it. A perfectly timed staredown can punctuate a moment like nothing else can. Last night, during a heated game between the Rockets and Mavericks, James Harden had a perfect response for the physicality of the Mavericks:

This got us thinking about some of the all-time great staredowns in sports history, and we wanted to share them with you. There are the natural leaders on this list that you will recognize, and then there will be some that you might not remember.

5. Dwayne Wade

If you get this look from Dwyane Wade, the suggestion would be to keep walking away. The Flash has earned his reputation as one of the greats and isn’t one to let things go.

4. Lebron James

Lebron James had enough of people talking about Steph Curry surpassing him. The King, not only, brought Cleveland their first NBA title, LeBron also took Curry’s soul.

3. Russell Westbrook

Westbrook is as animated as they come on the basketball court. Russell won’t hide his feelings and will let you know if he’s disgusted by the way you’re playing him.

2. Madison Bumgarner

It appears as if MadBum was trying to use the dark side of the force to get at the ump in this game. Bumgarner might go down as one of the greatest postseason pitchers of all-time, and he won’t let you get in his way.

1. Kobe Bryant

The Black Mamba might be one of the last cut from a certain type of cloth. Kobe Bryant was a perfectionist and never believed anyone could do anything better than him. There is a reason why coaches got out of his way, just look at the video above.

Those are some of the top staredowns sports history and we hope to see more people continue this tradition. If you make a big play, you want people to know about it.

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