Warren Moon feels that Richard Sherman and Seahawks might need to parts ways

Hall of  fame QB Warren Moon spoke to the Sean Salisbury show about an array of topics. One being on Richard Sherman and the Seahawks. Moon believes the Seahawks should part ways with Sherman if they cant come to an mutual agreement. He doesnt feel confident that they can equal value for Sherman through a trade, but still thinks the best thing would be for them to move on from the Richard Sherman era. He feels that the Seahawks have enough talent locked in at the QB position that they can rebuild their roster and compete without having to tear it all down.

When asked who would be his top QB chosen in this year’s draft he said that Deshaun Watson would be his #1 choice in quarterbacks. He feels that he’s played in enough big time collegiate games in his career that he is ready to play in the NFL. “He doesn’t have the greatest arm in the world, but he has a good enough arm for the NFL.” His only concern about Watson, in Moon’s opinion, is how will he be able to adjust from the offensive style he played in college to whichever type his new head coach wants him to play in.