“If they would’ve said stop using PEDs, we would’ve stopped”

Photo by USA TODAY

In an interview with SB Nation Radio’s The Sean Salisbury Show, Jose Canseco was candid on what he would’ve done differently in his career. “If organizations, player reps, owners, or coaches would’ve said stop using PEDs, we (the players) would’ve stopped right away,” insists Canseco. According to Jose, not only where players never told to stop, he asserts PED use was known and accepted.  In his words, it was “allowed and endorsed.”

Canseco added that players who used PEDs generally weren’t using them to get “bulky” but to recover from any number injuries sustained over spring training and playing 162+ games a year. Jose said that if there were penalties then like there are now for using PEDs, guys wouldn’t have used them.

In Canseco’s opinion, a HOF induction for him is unlikely. While he knows he had good numbers, Jose doesn’t feel he had the sustained success needed to get the votes.

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