Yes, Lonzo Ball is as good of a passer as you think

It’s no secret that the NBA Draft is right around the corner. But for today, let’s forget the combine, forget the 40-yard dash, forget the vertical jump.

We can pretty much guarantee that Markelle Fultz is going to Philly. Saturday’s Woj bomb put most, if not all doubts to rest about the prohibitive number one pick.

But we’re not here to talk about that. Today is Monday. And on Monday’s we talk about the Big Baller Brand.

Lonzo Ball is considered to be one of the best playmakers in this crop of prospects, but is it all hype? When he gets to the NBA, he’ll have to maneuver his way through bigger and stronger defenders night in and night out. Can he find his way through traffic?

According to ESPN’s SportScience, he should have no trouble doing just that.

Watch as Lonzo attempts to thread passes through a car moving 10 miles per hour, driven by none other than that great LaVar Ball.

I don’t know if even Magic could do this.

Spoiler: He probably could, but this is still cool.