Art Briles continues to deny that he did anything wrong

Disgraced former Baylor head football coach Art Briles was a guest at Texans camp on Tuesday.

While he was there, Briles spoke to the media and completely disavowed any knowledge or involvement in the alleged sexual assault scandal that has rocked the university, claiming:

“I’ve never done anything illegal, immoral or unethical.”

Briles then went on to say he would definitely be coaching again in 2017 and had already been contacted about potential jobs, showing no concern for anything or anyone but himself and his own interests.

Wednesday afternoon, SB Nation 1560’s Patrick Creighton of “Nate & Creight” tore into Briles for his blatant disrespect towards the alleged female victims at Baylor and defiance of culpability.

“Nate & Creight” airs 1-3p daily on SB Nation 1560 Houston.


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