Manu Lecomte believes Baylor will ‘make the right changes’

George Walker/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

George Walker/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Baylor University made several headlines again this week.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t on the positive notes you’d hope for the trouble university.

Saturday, strength coach Brandon Washington was fired by newly-acquired head coach Matt Rhule and officials. Washington was arrested on prostitution solicitation charges, a misdemeanor crime.

Then, on Wednesday the Big 12 board unanimously voted to withhold 25 percent of future revenue distribution to Baylor until they made proper changes to the university.

With the firing of Washington, it seems like the school is headed in the right direction and will make all the necessary adjustments to provide a safe facility for its students. Guard for the men’s basketball team Manu Lecomte says that the controversies don’t reflect his team, and he believes in his school.

“I know what my team is about,” Lecomte said on The Sean Salisbury Show. “We have great guys in the locker room. We stay focused on basketball and school. But I know I trust my university that they’re going to make the right changes.”

Hear Lecomnte’s entire interview with The Sean Salisbury Salisbury Show below, including him talking about the team’s success, transferring form Miami and more.


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