Sacramento Kings Were Savage; Which Team Has The Best Twitter Account?

C3EKOw5VYAAH-RaThe Sacramento Kings might have just set a new standard for sports twitter accounts. The Kings beat the Cavaliers 116-112 in overtime yesterday and then proceeded to defeat Cleveland on social media as well. Sacramento edited a photo of the Cavs logo to show an L instead of the C. It seems as if the Cavaliers have been taking L’s all over the place these days. If LeBron was upset before, imagine what the King has to say now. One thing is for sure, sports fans love it when teams don’t take themselves too seriously and have a little fun with it. Sports is all about back and forth banter that is all in good fun. Social media managers have shown more boldness in recent years and we have been the beneficiaries of great entertainment. Here are some of the top twitter accounts in sports, after we show you the Kings twitter:

Absolutely savage Sacramento, never change.

#5. Atlanta Hawks

It always helps when a team is willing to self-deprecate.

#4. LA Kings

Calling out your own fans, classic.

#3. Golden State Warriors

The Kings have been on the other end of a twitter conversation before. Golden State just wanted to remind them about their shared history together.

#2. Portland Trailblazers

It helps when you beat that team for the 11th straight time.

#1. Tampa Bay Lightning

You never want anyone to get the wrong idea.

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